Purchasing Software: Mobile Retail Shopping

Purchasing and Procurement Solutions on Your Smartphone

The mobile consumer shopping experience is a topic we are already very familiar with on the Vroozi Blog. Consumer trends and insights are a guide in how business purchasing trends follow. At Vroozi, we take that very seriously in considering how to develop our users’ experience. Users have a better business purchasing experience when it mirrors what they are already familiar with in their consumer purchasing lives.

In our recent look at holiday shopping trends, we found that mobile shopping was up and for the first time this year, surpassed desktop purchasing. This is certainly a trend that is expected to continue as the mobile user experience becomes even better over time.Mobile Retail Shopping

One recent study found that “perceived ease of use, usefulness, and enjoyment, and subjective norm were the significant predictors of attitudes toward mobile communication and mobile commerce as well as mobile technology use intention for shopping.” These results indicate the necessity of easy-to-use shopping platforms for successful retailers.

Vroozi purchasing platform is hyper-focused on creating a great mobile purchasing experience. Having a purchasing platform that is mobile is not enough anymore. Purchasing needs to be mobile, easy-to-access, and easy-to-use.

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