E-Procurement: Mobile Technology

Future of Mobile & Procurement Solutions

The rate at which mobile technology is changing industries is unprecedented. Mobile provides connectivity in technology that was only dreamed of in the past. Here are some of the most interesting new tech advances in mobile technology.

Google Lens

Google Lens allows you to point your mobile camera at anything and will pull up relevant information. Now you can quickly find information about something without even knowing the name.

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5-Nanometer Chips

Apple chip producer, TSMC, is promising that 5-nanometer chips will be available in 2020. These impossibly small chips will be the future of smaller and higher quality processing in future mobile technology. This is a significant announcement after Apple’s recent battery issues.

Mobile Payment

Mobile payments are becoming an increasingly popular way for shoppers to complete their in-store purchases. This blend of in-store experience and mobile technology serves the best of both worlds. For example, today, Target shoppers can have their payment card, coupons, and discounts saved in their Target app. To check out, all a shopper needs to do is scan the app barcode to pay and use their coupons all at once.

Mobile technology truly is changing the way we interact with our world. Knowing what is coming next is important for consumer and business purchasers alike.

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