Mid-Market Procurement Solutions

Inclusive Procurement Software

Historically, procure to pay cycles were quickly associated with large enterprises that could afford multi-million dollar investments in heavy hardware and software. Today, the way businesses of all sizes manage purchasing is totally changing.

Here are 3 ways procurement is more accessible to mid-market organizations.

Implementation (Time Cost)Mid-Market Procurement

Purchasing platforms implemented through the cloud offer a much faster implementation time, so organizations begin seeing ROI faster. What once might have taken months or years, can literally be completed in weeks.

Monetary Cost

Another key benefit of modern, cloud technology is the lower price tag of the purchasing platform itself. Lower costs of procurement platforms has opened the door to organizations that never realized procurement was an option for them.


Large ERPs were the only enterprise procurement solutions for many years. These systems were complicated and inhibitive to anyone not familiar with the technical interface. Now, e-procurement mirrors consumer purchasing platforms so anyone who has purchased online can easily begin using the procurement system with little to no training.

Vroozi provides a complete Procure-to-Pay platform with plug and play modules so each purchasing organization gets exactly what is right for them.  Vroozi has a proven solution within the enterprise space, and is now democratizing the procure-to-pay process by bringing that powerful, enterprise-grade functionality to the mid-market.

To learn more about how Vroozi can help take your purchasing organization to the next level, try our self-led demo or free live demo today.

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