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Better Business Processes from Procurement Software

We love paperless purchasing. Paperless purchasing is better not only for business processes, but also for our environment. Here are a few more ways you can choose paperless to take care of our Earth.

Move your calendar online.Go Paperless

Whether on your smartphone or desktop (or both!), online calendars allow you to be connected to your schedule anywhere you are connected. You no longer need a hard copy of your schedule, nor do you need to worry about bringing it along with you.

Scan receipts and documents.

There are many scanners on the market specifically for going paperless with receipts and documents, but did you know you can get an app that can act as a scanner as well? Just search “scanner” in your app store and you can find many great options.

Budget and manage finances online.

When cloud technology first began, many people hesitated doing anything sensitive on-line because of security concerns. Today, the cloud has become very safe and banks and other financial companies have a myriad of safety provisions that keep your information safe. You can use an online budget like, choose e-statements from your bank, and even sign important documents with tools like DocuSign.

Send holiday cards, invitations, and announcements online.

Getting a beautiful holiday card, invitation, or announcement in the mail is part of a beautiful tradition, but more and more people are opting for e-cards to celebrate different occasions.

Keep your pictures safe.

Losing cherished pictures is heartbreaking. With technology, you can scan old pictures and keep them backed up in the cloud so you never need to worry about losing irreplaceable pictures.

Going paperless is easy and comes with a variety of benefits, at work and at home.

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