E-Procurement Software Means You Can Work from Anywhere

P2P Software: Work and Health Balance

Modern technology allows many industries to employ a remote workforce that provides both the worker and the company with great benefits.


Workers can optimize productivity by limiting distractions in their home office that are intrinsic to a traditional workplace. Workers are more effective when they focus their work during their most productive times of day.

Health & EnvironmentBenefits of Remote Work

Workers who do not need to commute can immediately focus on their work rather than wasting time in stress-inducing traffic. Over half of workers report stress as a result of their morning commute. A recent study showed that 80% of remote workers reported higher morale.

Lower Costs, Lower Turnover

Businesses can expect not only lower in-office costs, but also savings from lower turnover. Remote work opportunities help many workers the flexibility they need to stay at their job. 76% of remote workers were willing to work overtime and felt more loyal to their company, according to a study by Staples Advantage.27

Making Remote Work Possible

Remote workers and companies that foster a productive remote work environment get to enjoy these benefits because of incredible cloud technology. Now that businesses are easily connected online, remote workers can be even more efficient than their predecessors. Cloud technology, like Vroozi Purchase Platform, allows users everywhere to connect in one place for a single source of truth that empowers each worker.

To learn more about cloud technology and how to stay connected as a remote procurement user, check out the Vroozi Procure to Pay Test Drive.

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