Using Purchasing Software Power to Do the Right Thing

Keeping the Supply Chain Honest

Humanity United, a US foundation; large corporations from Disney to Walmart; and the British government have partnered to create ‘Working Capital.’ Working Capital is a unique fund created to invest in innovations that ensure there are no forms of slavery in major companies’ supply chain. Supply Chain Slavery

Modern slavery is a major worldwide issue that is getting increasing attention. A shocking 25 million people globally were estimated to be stuck in forced labor in 2016, according to the International Labour Organization (ILO).

As the scale of this issue becomes more apparent, more people are wondering what they can do to fight slavery today.

This announcement is a huge victory in the fight against modern slavery. Supply chains are very complex, and these large governments, foundations, and corporations will have incredible power to stop modern slavery of all kinds.

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Source: Reuters, Big brands from Disney to Walmart back tech startups to tackle supply chain slavery