Communication is Key for Remote Workers in E-Procurement

How Remote Procure to Pay Teams Can Be Successful

In personal and business relationships alike, communication is key. While remote work offers many benefits to workers and companies alike, it also can provide a barrier to communication. Here are 3 tips for keeping communication open with your remote team.

Use Technology to Bridge the Distance

We have so many tools for communication today that bring communication to real-time and bridge the distance for remote teams. Cloud technology allows workers to all access the same information that is equally updated for everyone. Communication channels like Skype allow people to have conversations that feel a little more real and personal with video capabilities.

Be Proactive about Initiating and Opening Communication

In a traditional office setting, you can easily pop into a colleague’s office with a question or update. Without the physical proximity, it is important to maintain visibility and ease of communication. Chat tools like Slack or Google Hangouts help teams communicate quickly.

Keep Communication Valuable and Effective

When meetings or other communications become ineffective, people tune out. Meetings are important, but if you allow non-productive meetings to fill workers’ time, communication will become a lower priority and the whole team will suffer.

Communication is the backbone of successful remote teams. Keeping your team connected should be top priority, and you have a slew of tools to make that happen.

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