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E-Procurement: Tracking the Diamond Supply Chain

De Beers, the international diamond corporation, recently launched a mobile solution to supply chain transparency. The new De Beers mobile app, Gemfair, allows miners in Sierra Leone to be able to track and certify diamonds.Mobile Solution for Supply Chain

Many supply chains face ethical issues and the diamond industry is known for being at the center of crime and conflict, especially in certain African regions. Efforts like this by De Beers helps stop serious crimes like child labor.

The app facilitates in-depth feedback by using GPS tracking, linked digital scales, and tamper-proof bags.

De Beers efforts to use technology to resolve the supply chain issues in the diamond industry have a real and direct impact on people’s lives. Mobile tech solutions continues to improve lives around the world in many industries.

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Source:, De Beers Launches App For Diamond Supply Chain Transparency