How Procurement Software Brings Consumer Technology to Business

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Consumer technology has historically followed in the tracks of business technology. Though hardly imaginable now, once upon a time only businesses and large organizations like colleges owned computers and consumers could hardly imagine why they would need a computer.

“There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in their home.” KENNETH OLSEN, PRESIDENT AND FOUNDER OF DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION, IN 1977

Today, finding someone who does not carry a computer (smartphone) in their pocket would be difficult.Consumer technology

Interestingly though, as technology has improved at unprecedented rates, the technology model has changed. Consumers no longer follow businesses in technology, but it is businesses that are catching up to consumer technologies.

Here are a few Vroozi examples of powerful and widely-used consumer technology that Vroozi brings to business purchasers.

Mobile Purchasing

I often think of something I need to purchase while I am on the go, and I often use apps to purchase online so I don’t have to worry about remembering to buy it later. Mobile purchases like this officially overtook desktop purchasing during last year’s holiday shopping. Companies have mastered making online shopping incredibly easy and intuitive. Vroozi is built on the same principle, but for business purchasers. Easy mobile purchasing helps e-procurement software users work from anywhere, at any time.

Easy-to-Use Spend Analytics

While mobile purchasing may encourage some people into frivolous spending, spend analytic solutions help consumers track and avoid overspending. I use Mint to see my monthly spending in real-time and stay accountable to my budgets. Vroozi Analytics provides powerful analytics on a large scale that help business purchasers stay accountable to budgets and track their spend.

Mobile Directory

If you find me at 7pm without dinner started, chances are I’m looking at Google Maps reviews of restaurants near me. This easy, mobile directory is my go-to for finding anything near me. Vroozi Discovery takes the simplicity of directories that are such a normal part of our everyday lives and puts it to use for businesses. Now remote teams can instantly and seamlessly connect with their approved suppliers with this mobile directory.

Business technology continues to learn from consumers. Vroozi aims to help business users access the same powerful solutions consumers enjoy in the business purchasing arena.

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