Keeping Remote Teams Connected through P2P Software

Power of E-Procurement

Many remote teams rely on approved directories. Today, even large corporations use massive printed directories that their teams carry around to know which suppliers in their location are preferred by their organization. Any update to the directory requires totally re-creating the printed directories, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

Mobile directories offer an easier, user-friendly solution that allow users to have the most up-to-date directory information instantly. As consumers, most of us use mobile directories every day, whether that is through Google Maps, Yelp, or any other directory site. Those large directory books that were once delivered to every doorstep are all online for a reason and your company can use the same technology.


Teams need to be connected today more than ever, but many teams lack connectivity in their directory listings. Relying on printed directories is outdated and holds teams back from using the best suppliers with whom their procurement team has already negotiated. With a mobile directory like Vroozi Discovery, you can keep everyone on the same page at all times.

Mobile Accessibility

Remote teams know how important it is to have access no matter how remote their project is. Technology makes this increasingly possible and mobile directories is a necessary piece of that accessibility.


Any remote project can be expensive, not only in money but in time. Mobile directories allow you to quickly filter by category, item needed, and geographic area, as well as many other features, to find exactly what you need quickly.

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