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Business Travelers Use Mobile Tech & Procurement Software

With today’s technology, you can do nearly everything from your mobile device. Business travel can be exhausting, but mobile technology can ease the burden of travel by streamlining and simplifying what you need to get done.

We recommend using your mobile device to make your travels smoother with these three technologies.


Mobile Boarding PassBetter Business Travel

Using your mobile device as your boarding pass is easy and efficient. You can be ready to go before you ever step foot in an airport and can bypass potential lines at the boarding pass kiosks. Every major airport allows you to use your mobile boarding pass and every major airline offers easy, quick mobile check-in through an airline-specific mobile app.


Mobile Hotel Check-In

Now, even some hotels offer mobile check-in. For example, some Marriott locations allow you to check in to your hotel on your mobile device and your device can actually act as your key to your room with “Mobile Key.” No more keeping track of your room key or waiting in hotel lobbies to check in.


Vroozi Expense

We might be a little biased, but we love using Vroozi Expense while we travel. We can immediately store receipts in our digital wallet and keep track of expenses all on our mobile device. Vroozi Expense saves us from needing to carry our receipts and worry about reimbursements because we can do everything on our mobile device.


Mobile technology is changing the way we travel for the better. What technology do you use for better travels?

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