Power of Mobile Directories 

Vroozi’s new mobile directory module, Vroozi Discovery, empowers remote teams with the most up-to-date, powerful directories available. Here are three ways that a mobile directory can make life easier for your organization and remote teams.


Manually-created supplier directories is costly and time-consuming. Printing and assembling pages and booklets for each team member is a nightmare and does not fit in with the technology used by modern companies. With the right procurement software, companies can update and customize their directory and each user immediately has the most up-to-date version.


All major companies that deal with remote teams understand the importance of consistency. When there is no single source of truth, outdated information is a huge obstacle to getting the best work done. With suppliers, large organizations need to know their teams all have a consistent source. A mobile directory offers the easiest way to provide a consistent directory source for every user.


Understanding how your technology is used can be as important as using the technology itself. Reporting and analytics built in to the Vroozi Discovery mobile directory empowers businesses with the right information so they can make more informed decisions regarding their suppliers and directories in the future.

How can your business succeed with mobile directories? Find out for yourself how e-procurement software with a live Vroozi Discovery demo. Register today.

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