Procurement in Food Helps Shoppers Eat Right

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US grocery chain, Kroger, is rolling out its new app that aims to help shoppers make healthier food choices through data analytics.Procurement in Food

The app tracks purchases and ranks items into categories, scoring each according to certain criteria. Each item receives a number 1-100 depending on its nutritional value. For example, blueberries score 100, Cap’n Crunch just ten. The app can track your historical data and give your buying habits a score, as well.

Some users complain that the scoring system is not perfect. Comparing apples to oranges, as they say, is not always easy. (In this case, literally.) Though the system scores may not match the diet needs of every individual, it can certainly help shoppers who don’t necessarily know where to start with making healthier choices.

Data analytics has transformed business making decisions in nearly every industry. That power is now in grocery stores and on your smartphone to help shoppers eat healthier.

As data becomes an increasingly seamless part of our lives, we can all find ways to use the power of data analysis to our advantage. In business purchasing, analytics is integral to making informed strategic purchasing decisions. Still, many businesses struggle to accurately track their spending data in a timely manner. Procurement software is a vital resource to any business trying to make informed purchasing decisions.

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Source: The Columbus Dispatch, Kroger app helps shoppers track nutritional value of purchases