Procurement Provides Custom Business Purchasing

Procurement Solutions that Meet Your Needs

Imagine walking into a shopping mall created custom to everything you love and need most. Each store is tailored exactly to you – clothing that fits you just right, home goods that will look great in your home, and a book store full of books you will love. The food court has only your favorite foods. Even getting to the mall is incredibly easy.

As online shopping continues to take over in-store shopping, this customized mall experience is an increasingly available reality.

At a time when retail is looking more and more to technology in order to stay in business, purchasing trends continue to evolve. A recent Forbes article points out that millennials look to online social interactions much more than in-person interactions. Malls were previously a place of social interaction as well as shopping; both activities are moving online.

Custom Business Purchasing

For businesses, purchasers have slightly different needs. While procurement leaders are not too worried about the social benefits of in-person shopping vs. online shopping, customized purchasing software is vital to provide:

  • More efficient purchasing processes
  • Better overall shopping experience
  • Better quality and priced purchases
  • Improved spend analytics and insights

Vroozi Marketplace is your company’s personalized shopping mall. Because Vroozi Procurement Software is tailored to each organization, shopping is easier and more efficient than other online shopping. Custom Business Purchasing is the new business purchasing reality.

Learn more about custom e-procurement with a Live Demo. Reigster here.

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Source: Forbes, Will Virtual Malls Save Retailers?