Philadelphia Procurement Vote

Better Purchasing Practices

Earlier this year, Philadelphia voted on a measure to update their procurement policy of awarding contracts to the “lowest responsible bidder.” Their new “Best Value” procurement solution will help provide better value and improve the city’s ability to reach their diversity goals.Philadelphia Procurement

Reducing procurement to simple pricing is an outdated and detrimental practice. The best leaders know good procurement depends on a number of factors, including: quality, performance, timing, reliability, and so on. When cities or any organization ignore these factors, they inevitably end up with lower quality results.

Bidders will now be held to a higher standard, judged against more than a simple price bid. Mayor Kenney has been the main proponent of reforming the city’s procurement process. His key focus has been bringing the previously outdated practices up to speed.

This new measure marks a new and exciting move for Philadelphia Procurement and the city is sure to see improvements from their new and improved procure to pay process.

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Source: Forbes, Philly Voters Back ‘Best Value’ Change To City Procurement System