Machine Learning for Procurement Systems

Manufacturing Technology

The procure to pay process extends far beyond simple purchasing. Suppliers are all looking to improve their time cycle. New manufacturing and machine learning technology is providing companies with better means of production.Machine Learning

Machine learning is an incredible technology that is opening the door to better manufacturing. Boeing and General Motors both invested in acquiring 3-D printed parts for their massive commercial jets.

Metal 3-D printing is still a time-consuming process. For mass producing parts, Boeing and General Motors enlisted the help of Citrine Technologies. They were faced with the challenge of speeding up the 3-D printing process and creating a metal alloy strong enough.

Citrine used machine learning to rapidly test ten million recipes for improving the possible metallic combinations of the alloys. In the end, they only had to create and test a handful of prototypes.

Machine learning technology is helping many industries to create better solutions, faster.

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Source: Raconteur, Five ways technology is driving procurement