Purchasing Technology & How We Shop Today

The purchasing technology surrounding consumer and business purchasing rapidly changed over the past few decades. Today these technologies are so integral in how we purchase that we do not always recognize how different our overall purchasing experience is than it would have been 20 years ago.

Global MarketplacesPurchasing Technology

Massive retailers like Wal-Mart or Amazon offer a huge variety of offerings through their online marketplace. Before online purchasing, someone in a small town would rely on a few small local stores between trips into a surrounding, bigger city.

Online marketplaces also filled a need for niche products. For example, eBay allowed buyers to connect to sellers from all over the world. Rare collectibles, out-of-print books, and international treasures were now accessible on a totally different scale.

Comparison Tools

Today, comparison tools are integrated in many different purchasing choices, from online shopping filter and compare tools to buying insurance. Modern purchasing technology makes it easy to compare prices, quality and features. Before this technology was so prevalent, comparing purchases meant driving from store to store to check out purchasing options.

Mobile Purchasing

Not only has mobile purchasing overtaken desktop purchasing, but it has also changed how we can purchase in our daily lives. ApplePay allows buyers to swipe their phone to pay for goods. Fast food apps allow users to order online and quickly grab their food, effectively dissolving the need to wait in line.

Business Purchasing

Purchase Order Software brings the benefits of modern technology to business purchases. Vroozi Procurement Solutions combine modernization, mobile technology and a powerful marketplace to give users a powerfully simple purchasing experience.

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