Procurement in Travel: Solutions for Business Travelers

Lyft Drives Mobile Technology Solutions

Lyft recently released data that illustrates strong growth in corporate travel. As a company, Lyft experienced 221 percent growth in the last fiscal year. Companies are more ‘mobile’ than ever and Lyft’s data shows that workplace travel is not slowing down.Procurement in Travel

Lyft Business provides custom solutions to partnerships that help companies provide tailored rideshares to their clients or employees. One of the key initiatives that influenced Lyft’s incredible growth is the release of Lyft Business’ upgrade that makes expense reporting quick and easy.

Data analysis demonstrates that corporate travel is only increasing and that mobile solutions are becoming an ever-increasing integral part of the corporate travel experience. Businesses that adopt mobile technology to empower their workers’ travel experience will find a better, smoother overall procure to pay process.

Vroozi has resolved one of the big corporate travel challenges – expense reports. With Vroozi Expense, corporate travelers can seamlessly, instantly send their expense reports or save their receipts through a smartphone or tablet. This procurement solution for businesses is a reflection of a real need within the market. Procurement companies are branching out to create the best solutions that will really help users.

With a mobile expense report system, employees get reimbursed faster, and businesses get faster feedback on how their employees are spending. Real-time spend data is key for analyzing current spend and making strategic decisions about future spend.

Vroozi aims to help travelers and businesses connect easier for a better, faster procure to pay process. Procurement in travel is a growing trend and Vroozi is here to help.

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Source:, Lyft Details Corporate Travel Growth