How Can Your Mobile Device Protect the Earth?

Procurement Technology and Sustainability

Procurement Software means more than efficiency and streamlined purchasing at Vroozi. Going paperless to protect the Earth’s natural resources is an important benefit in the world of procurement. Efficient, powerful mobile procurement technology gives companies the power to help the environment and focus on what’s best for their business at the same time.

Protect the Earth

A new report from GSMA and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) details the positive effect of mobile technology on climate change. Certain technologies like Internet of Things and big data are helping industries to be more efficient with their resources.

One fascinating example comes from São Paulo, Brazil. Telefoinica employed a big data initiative that tracks human mobility and its effect on health and air quality. Quick analyitcs and feedback allow city planners to implement measures to prevent air pollution.

“Addressing climate change is one of the most urgent concerns that the world faces today, and one that cannot be ignored. Mobile operators and others within the mobile ecosystem are delivering a vast range of programmes and initiatives that contribute to delivering the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, including helping to combat climate change and its impacts. Indeed, SDG 13 (Climate Action) is one of the SDGs where operators are making the strongest contribution,” said Director General at GSMA,  Mats Granryd.

Using mobile technology to help the environment is not exclusive to big data engineers and city planners. We all can play our part in protecting the planet, and Vroozi helps businesses meet their environmental goals with better paperless purchasing through our customized procurement solutions.

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