Millennials in the Workplace

New Generation of Workers

Many companies continue to grapple with the challenge of keeping millennials in the workplace. Employer/ employee loyalty shifted dramatically when the new generation joined the workforce. According to Deloitte’s 2018 Millennial Survey, loyalty to employers is continuing to decrease, potentially as a result of millennials not trusting businesses to engage in the greater good or behave ethically.Millennials in the Workplace

Engage in the greater good.

Potentially the largest reason for less loyalty is that workers do not feel aligned with the moral goals or ethics of their company. Only 48 percent of millennials believe that businesses behave ethically, which is a drastic decrease from last year’s 65 percent. Millennials will not invest their lives into businesses with which they are not aligned.

Provide valuable work opportunities.

Millennial employees recognize that emerging technology is replacing many jobs, but see this as a positive. Rather than fretting being replaced, millennials recognize this as an opportunity to focus on more creative, valuable work. They want to feel like the work they are investing in is more than a monotonous routine.

Provide the right resources.

Companies can help by providing the right resources. While concerned about their ability to learn new technology like artificial intelligence, the new generation is a technology-driven generation. They recognize the value of smart solutions and have little patience for slow, unfamiliar technology.

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