Procurement Leaders Empower for Better Teams

The Power of Empowering Employees

Efforts to empower your procurement team are not all equally effective. Understanding the differences that make empowerment effective helps you and your team so you can be successful together.

A recent Harvard Business Review study produces a few important highlights for leaders to understand about managing their team.

Routine vs. Creativity

Researchers found that motivating and empowering employees made a greater difference in creative or “citizenship behavior” work (informal cultural interactions) than in routine task work. We believe that providing the right procurement software solutions helps teams focus on creative work by eliminating routine work. Empowering employees while eliminating manual work is a great recipe for success.


Employees were more likely to trust leaders they perceived as empowering. In a world of declining employee loyalty, this sense of trust between companies and employees plays a large role in the long-term success of teams.

Motivational Leadership

So what exactly does as an empowering leader do? Leaders perceived as empowering were more likely to do the following:Procurement Leaders Empower

-delegate authority to their employees

-ask for their input

-encourage autonomous decision-making.

These actions seemed to motivate employees to “generate novel ideas and think of new ways of doing things, and to help others in the workplace, volunteer for extra assignments, and be willing to support their organization outside of an official capacity.”

Helping employees succeed is a fundamental reason why we make purchasing software. We know that teams with the right resources and tools can be successful together.

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Source:, When Empowering Employees Works, and When It Doesn’t