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Corporate Mobile Banking Solutions

Bank of America recently released an innovative solution to make corporate spending easier and safer. Mobile wallet compatibility of corporate cards are now available through Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. As the need for mobile solutions increase, this extension of the bank’s current corporate offerings was a necessary step forward.

“We are very pleased to announce today a new, highly convenient mobile capability to our commercial clients,” said Hubert J.P. Jolly, head of Financing and Channels in Global Transaction Services at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. “Cardholders will no longer have to search for their physical wallet for every business purchase. The result should be faster transactions and greater peace of mind for the cardholder.”

Mobile wallets provide a much more secure purchasing environment because each transaction is completed through a unique purchasing token rather than a static card number that could be duplicated and stolen. The device does not show the account number and the merchant never has access to the number.

Linking cards to mobile wallets began to be available to consumers in 2014. This added offering to corporations highlights the importance of providing the same level of quality purchasing resources in businesses that exist in consumer spending.

As consumer purchasing technology rapidly progresses, so too must business technology. Workers are all consumers in their private lives. Businesses can now benefit from the innovations in consumer purchasing with business purchasing software. Mobile solutions are increasingly important in today’s marketplace.

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Source: Bank of America, BofA Merrill Introduces Mobile Wallets for Business Cardholders