Improve Quality with E-Procurement

Why Procurement Means Better Quality

This week, we looked at How to Save Money with E-Procurement, but improving quality can be even more important to the success of a purchasing organization. Quality is the backbone of the product or service you provide. Without quality input, you can’t create quality output.Improve Quality with E-Procurement

Freedom to Allocate Spend

First of all, improved quality goes hand in hand with cost savings. Through savings from e-procurement, your spend goes further and not just on cheap products. Through your procurement software, overall savings means you have more funds to allocate to purchases where quality is especially important. Because you know you are buying at the best prices, you can spend more time paying attention to the fit of the purchase.


Preferred Suppliers

A healthy procurement system relies on relationships with preferred suppliers. A preferred supplier relationship is meant to be long-lasting. Suppliers are motivated to provide quality to their purchasers with whom they intend to partner with over a long period of time as it will benefit both parties well.


Social Value Driven Procurement

A too-often overlooked aspect of quality purchasing is having the power to include the organization’s social values. Finding suppliers or products that fit a team’s values can be difficult, but with procurement software you can filter suppliers by traits like Green Certified, Woman Owned, or Preferred Supplier.


Investing in procurement solutions means better quality and more savings. You can learn more about e- procurement with a live demo.

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