Faster Purchasing with Online Procurement

Save time. Improve quality. Purchase faster.

E-procurement saves money, improves quality and creates a faster purchasing process. A faster purchasing process is incredibly valuable and can be a hidden treasure of savings for companies that overlook the value of time as one of their most expensive resources.

Here are a few ways that e-procurement accelerates the procurement process.

Fewer disruptions
As explained in last week’s post, e-procurement helps businesses make higher quality purchases. Quality purchases help their end user with a better experience, and also translates to saved time. Companies often overlook bottlenecks in their process causes by poor quality purchases. Without realizing it, companies can be losing in stopped production and lower productivity of employees until the appropriate purchases are made.


Paperless purchasing allows users to locate documents (purchase requests, purchase orders, goods receipts, and invoices) quickly as all related documents are automatically grouped together in the system.

The Cloud

The online nature of cloud purchasing means users can safely access the information they need from their mobile device allowing them to work from anywhere – the work process doesn’t have to stop when users leave the office.

Spend Analytics

Real-time spend analytics through e-procurement is fast and easy. Manually analyzing spend would take so much time that the analysis would no longer be relevant enough to make strategic decisions based on the feedback.

E-procurement is providing companies around the world with procurement solutions that creates a faster purchasing process. E-procurement provides purchasing teams with a holistic procurement system that gives them the power to make better purchasing decisions for their whole organization.

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