Understanding Procurement

What to Ask

Every business has different requirements. Unique needs should be the guide to choosing the right procurement software. Most P2P software provides the same basic level of functionality, but the differences indicate which provider can get you the right solution.

To help you in your search for the right procurement solution for your needs, we put together a list of commonly asked questions for procurement providers.

Procurement Questions for Businesses

ROIQuestions for Procurement 2

  • What can I expect in ROI from a cloud procurement solution?
  • What can I expect in cost savings per category through e-procurement?

Mobility/ Ease-of-Use

  • Has your solution historically resulted in better engagement and adoption?
  • How will this solution help my team to be more effective?
  • Is the solution accessible from mobile devices as well as desktop?
  • Do they work seamlessly on all devices?


  • How secure is our company data?
  • What security measures are used to ensure privacy and security on all devices?
  • What measures can we implement with this system to limit accessibility from all users?


Unique Needs

  • How will this solution integrate with our existing systems?
  • Is this solution right for our company size?
  • How can we get the right features for our industry?
  • What extra features will help us to improve our overall purchasing process?
  • How quickly can our new solution be implemented?

Asking the right questions will help you make the right decision for your purchasing software needs.

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