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Happy November! In the States, November represents the month of gratitude and (maybe conversely) the month of binge spending on Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and the slew of purchasing holidays that lead up to Christmas.

As technology evolves, the consumer buying process evolves too. Here are three things that influence consumer purchasing decisions.

Social MediaConsumer Purchasing Decisions 2

The internet, and specifically social media, has opened the door to a totally new type of influence on consumer buying decisions. Word-of-mouth is potentially the oldest form of influencing buying decisions, but social media takes that to a whole new level. “Influencers” can create and set trends, influencing buying decisions of millions of people through the content they share via social platforms.


Purchasing itself is easier than ever, and the simplicity of the purchasing process changes how and what people buy. Just like buying candy from grocery store point-of-sale displays, consumers have instant access to purchase just about anything through the mobile device – anywhere, any time.

Online Reviews

Reviews have totally changed buying decisions. Many buyers rely on reviews from strangers, potentially from around the world, to help them decide which waffle iron is the best for them. Ratings and reviews on individual items help buyers to avoid poor products and heavily influence many buying decisions today.

Vroozi revolutionized the procurement solutions process by focusing on the ease and simplicity of the consumer buying process and providing that same experience to businesses. This month we will examine how the consumer buying process continues to evolve.

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