New Technology, Better Shopping

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all the shopping holidays in between are right around the corner. Predictions abound, and we are confident that 2018 has yet another year of growth in store for us. Well, actually online. (See what we did there?)

Mobile ShoppingTechnology Changing Holiday Shopping 2018

As the rockstars of mobile procurement software, we can’t help but be partial to the mobile shopping trend that continues to rise every year during holiday shopping. In 2017, we saw mobile shopping overtake desktop. This trend is set to continue. In years past, desktop saw more actual purchases as users trusted the desktop shopping experience over mobile, but that is now shifting. Sixty five percent of millennials plan to make purchases through their mobile device. This shift reflects both the increased adoption and familiarity with mobile shopping, but also the improved user experience on mobile devices.

Digital Traveling

A whopping 59 percent of travelers reported using their smartphones to plan their holiday travels. The travel industry is a great example of where mobile technology is rapidly changing what is expected from providers. Travel agencies and companies who lack a great mobile experience will miss out on the majority of travelers now.

Payment Systems

PayPal was the pioneer in payment systems. Now, payment systems like Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay (etc.) offer seamless, fast payment options for mobile purchasers. Because the mobile experience is so important, retailers rely on these payment systems to create a seriously user-friendly procurement solution.

New technology is changing how we shop, especially during the “shopping holidays.” Learn more about how mobile technology can power your business purchasing with a live Vroozi demo.

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Source: Forbes, 6 Ways Tech Has Reinvented Holiday Shopping