Which Technologies Are Emerging in Holiday Shopping?

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Online and mobile shopping have unquestionably changed how we shop, but what’s next? Technology today is progressing at an unprecedented rate and retail sales is often at the center of driving new technologies.

New Technology

Voice ShoppingHoliday Shopping Tech

Smart speakers are relatively new in tech and continue to evolve to offer a better user experience. According to a recent Adobe report, “21 percent of consumers

[said] they are planning to reorder frequently purchased items and 17 percent [will place] one-time orders for in-store pickup using their voice-activated devices” during the last quarter of 2018.

This technology as a boost to holiday shopping is really just emerging, but is sure to play an increasingly large role in how people shop.

Old Technology

In-Store Shopping

While new technology boosts holiday sales, old technology may have a sort of comeback this year. Reports indicate that while millennials are more tech savvy than their predecessors, many are trying to reconnect with real world experiences. So many will research online, but then seek out an in-store experience to touch before they buy.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing remains a tried and true booster for holiday sales. Neglecting proven technology would be a detriment to any business relying on tech assistance in their holiday sales.

Technology plays a central role in how we shop as consumers, and businesses are no different. Smart businesses rely on powerful procurement software to boost the power of their purchasing. Find out how your business can make purchasing easy with a live Vroozi Procurement demo.

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