Small Business Saturday Success

Holiday Shopping and Purchasing Software

Small Business Saturday is often overshadowed by the excitement of major discounts and interesting market trends of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but Small Business Saturday is its own growing trend. Adobe Analytics estimates a whopping $3 billion was spent on Small Business Saturday.

Small businesses are also capturing their piece of the holiday shopping pie on Black Friday, too. Shopify indicated that their small and medium sized businesses brought in $573 million in sales on Black Friday.Small Business Saturday

While large retailers play an important role in consumer purchasing and business purchasing, small business play a unique and valuable role, too. Where large retailers fall short, small businesses are capturing a valuable part of the market. This could be in small niches, personalized customer service, better understanding of market needs, and so on.

One California small business found their success comes from what they offer as a smaller, customer-focused shop. “We are very customer-oriented and a lot of our families have shopped here for years,” saleswoman Tammy Arnold said. “People that come into this shop are very appreciative of the uniqueness of the lines, the toys and things you wouldn’t normally find at Target.”

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