Procurement Employee Shortage 2019

The demand for qualified procurement and supply chain employees is not new, but is becoming an increasingly large issue for businesses. This is great news for students of supply chain who are in high demand. As a business student nearly a decade ago, my program’s supply chain placement was significantly higher than every other emphasis. In 2017, the Supply Chain program placed 100% of its job seeking students within three months of graduation.

Today, attracting the right talent is more important than ever. Understanding the changing demands and values of the workforce is key in building a procurement team with the right people.

Here are a few tips on attracting procurement talent.

Play to their long-term goals.Procurement Labor Demand

Show job seekers that your company will be a career-building experience for them. Demonstrate the development and benefit they will gain from working in your organization.

Provide the Right Resources

A procurement team powered with the right procurement solutions is going to be more attractive than a future in paper-pushing. Be open about the resources and support they can expect from your business.

Communicate Needs Openly

Both parties benefit by starting with a mutual understanding. The employee needs to know what the job actually entails, and the business needs to be confident they are hiring someone capable of the tasks required.

Salary and Benefits

At the end of the day, staying competitive in the search for procurement employees means paying enough and providing the right benefits.

The future shortage of talented procurement job seekers means that businesses need to be ready to provide what job seekers are looking for – career-building opportunities, good pay, and the right resources.

Learn more about how you can attract the right talent for your procurement team with better resources with a live procurement software demo.

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