The Need for Mobile, Digital Procurement

Admittedly, predicting that procurement will continue to move to mobile is not groundbreaking, but the reality is that many companies are still lagging far behind in digitizing their procurement process. What many businesses fail to recognize is that while a manual procure to pay process may currently work or have worked in the past, not adopting better technology leaves them increasingly behind their competitors. The difference in a healthy procure to pay cycle and unhealthy can be a huge determining factor in the business’ overall success.

Growth of MobileMobile Digital Procurement 2

Mobile growth in consumer purchasing is apparent. Most people reading this are accessing it from their phones, and chances are they made at least some of their holiday purchases on their mobile device. Years past showed hesitation on consumers’ part to purchase on mobile as opposed to desktop, but now that’s changed. Consumers are more likely than ever to use their smartphone to make purchases.

Those same consumers make up the workforce employed in business purchasing. Business purchasers are already familiar with the mobile purchasing process, which means no training for businesses as they adapt to consumer purchasing trends.

Mobile in Business

Mobile purchasing is convenient, easy, and fast. Business purchasing has unique requirements, which mobile procurement is uniquely capable of addressing. For example, businesses facing bottlenecks like approvals, many business processes get held up with an out-of-office employee. With mobile procurement, approvers can click to approve on their smartphone, any where, any time.

Mobile procurement is set to be more accessible and wider used in 2019. The technology for mobile purchasing is ready and widely available. As businesses adapt to better technology, their entire organization will benefit.

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