Procurement Insight & Inspiration from Shaz Khan, Procurement Enthusiast

If you asked an average office employee what the most exciting department is in their company, you may be hard-pressed to find someone (anyone?) that would confidently exclaim, “Procurement!” That is, unless you were talking to Shaz Khan.


Shaz Khan co-founded Vroozi and continues to lead the company with truly unparalleled excitement about procurement. Just a short conversation with Shaz leaves people excited about an area of business that too often goes unnoticed. This excitement and passion is what has driven the innovation and success for the relatively new Vroozi SpendTech™ Platform.

That’s why we decided to share his expertise and insights with you through a new series called Ask Shaz.

You can expect information on topics and questions like:

-What is your vision for the future of procurement? Where will we be in 10 years?

-How does the increased focus on sustainability influence procurement?

-How do technological advances, such as AI and blockchain, influence procurement?

-What factors play the biggest role in determining procurement success?

-How has your past experience in procurement led you to develop Vroozi SpendTech™ as it is today?

We love procurement and believe that the right procurement solutions help everyone get excited about just how powerful procurement truly is. Stay tuned for more on the power of procurement.


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