Are you confident that your company is ready to adopt the technology you need to be successful in procurement? If not, you are not alone.

Need for Procurement vs. Company Readiness

In a recent survey, 87 percent of responders agreed that “a data-driven approach to sourcing and procurement is a critical component of driving value in the enterprise.” Yet only 45 percent believe their companies and workers are ready to adopt procurement software.

The divide between companies using outdated modes of procurement and those who use cutting-edge, easy-to-use procurement software will prove to be a major reason why some companies fall behind. While companies can manage to “get by” without procurement solutions, they may not survive when their competition enjoys the benefits of data-driven, strategic decision-making and quantifiable savings from supplier relationships, better analytics, and less expensive processing.

So what is holding them back? Based on our interactions with companies, here are a few points that stand out.

Cost and Complexity

Because procurement software like ERP systems has traditionally been so complex and expensive, many companies are closed off to the reality that procurement software is leaner, more affordable, and more user-friendly than ever. Today’s procurement technology is easy-to-use and powerful. Any employee can learn how to excel with the right procurement solution.

Paradigm Shift

The myth that procurement software is too expensive and complex is just one of many misconceptions holding companies back from utilizing better procurement. Far too often, companies leave procurement on the backburner.

Financial software, sales solutions, and HR software may all get updated while companies fail to recognize that procurement is one of the most effective places to strategize. Companies must shift their perspective and recognize that procurement can play a key role in helping them achieve their vision more effectively. 


These widespread misconceptions about procurement software will never change within a company culture unless someone is there to champion that shift. “CPOs have to be the ones to step up and say, ‘this is what the new reality is in terms of what procurement really can do and really is doing,’” says Shaz Khan, Vroozi’s co-founder and chief strategy officer. “What new technology brings to the table is powerful and makes a dramatic difference for businesses, but if nobody knows about it, then what is it worth?”

At the end of the day, change is hard! It takes a lot of work to change minds and processes. That’s why we built Vroozi: to address the concerns that have plagued procurement systems for so long. We believe cleaner, easier software can give businesses everywhere the advantage the procurement truly offers.


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