Automation and AI Are Changing How We Work

AI, automation, and machine learning are quickly becoming integral parts of many industries. While some modern-day Luddites fear this technology, others recognize new technology as an opportunity for workers—if they know how to react.

What Does AI Really Mean for Workers?

With so many applicable uses, workers in every industry need to determine how AI will play a role in their career. One thing is certain: AI will affect most industries. Hiding from new or intimidating technology will only cripple workers’ careers and companies’ profits.

As AI and other new technologies become increasingly prevalent, many remain concerned about the effects of technology on our modern workforce, but by embracing and mastering new technology, workers will be able to propel their own positions.

So how can workers start to embrace new technology?

Lifelong Learning

Embracing emerging technology means embracing lifelong learning. At a recent conference, Lynne Parker, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy’s assistant director for artificial intelligence, spoke on the growing need for workers and industries to expect to learn throughout their careers. “New technologies are changing so quickly that any of us who are even experts in the field get out of date very quickly,” she said. “So nationally, we need to foster an environment where we are used to the idea that we’ll have lifelong learning. It’s no longer that you go through K-12, or you go through college, and you’re done.”

While technology will become easier to use, workers will always need to learn how to use it and how to strategically use technology to benefit their company overall. Companies and individuals alike should embrace continuous learning and foster a company culture that encourages education.

As new technology continues to develop with increasing speed, each member of the workforce should analyze what they can do to adopt new technology in their position and as part of their career trajectory. Looking ahead and being ready for tech changes will help workers and businesses alike to succeed in today’s progressing economy.

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