Are you serving your procurement teams the way they need to be served? Do you know how to empower them to perform at their best and strengthen your company? If not, figuring it out isn’t a matter of guesswork. In 2017, a Market Watch study found that 58 percent of procurement professionals are looking for improved integration, ease of use, and dashboard reporting. In the coming years, procurement leaders will be focused on technology- and automation-related advancements. Essentially, they will be looking for an Amazon-like experience for their purchasing teams.

Vroozi is primed to deliver this and more by enabling users to buy through Amazon Business, which offers users access to millions of products, while still leveraging established approvals and workflows set by procurement to reduce wasted time and spending.

Get the Best of Both Worlds: Convenience and Compliance

Employees expect a personalized experience when online shopping at home, so why wouldn’t they expect the same experience when shopping at work on B2B sites? Anticipating these expectations, Vroozi has built its software with the end user (your employee) in mind, bringing an intuitive, consumer-friendly platform to procurement. Giving purchasing teams the ability to buy through Amazon Business allows them the shopping experience they’re used to. That means convenience and freedom to search millions of products by brand, average customer review, and price to get the best products for your company. On your end, that translates to being able to blend the ease and shopping convenience of Amazon with policies and compliance rules specific to your business when integrated with Vroozi.

Enabling users to buy through Amazon Business isn’t enough, though. When employees are allowed to freely purchase on Amazon Business, executives lack spend control. But we have you covered once again. Vroozi prevents overspending by giving procurement teams the means with which to guide employees, implementing proper controls on how much they spend.

Reduce Time and Costs

Reducing wasted time and costs is always a priority in business. According to Deloitte’s 2017 Global CPO Survey, 78 percent percent of procurement officers pointed to cost reduction as their top priority. And it’s our top priority as well. Our system is completely paperless, eliminating wasted hours on manual tasks. When you digitize your procurement processes with a cloud-based, modern procurement solution like Vroozi, you can send and control orders from one place, and anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop can access them.

In addition, Vroozi uses a connected digital platform called SpendTech, designed to digitize the full process with the end user in mind. Using SpendTech, you gain digital connections:

  • suppliers
  • catalogs
  • purchase orders
  • invoice and billing (including payments)

With a centralized system, all of your invoices will be easy to manage, cutting back on cumbersome and paper-driven buying processes. When you shop Amazon Business with Vroozi, you will gain procurement insights into spending by department, category, supplier, and month so that you can fine-tune your policies to manage future spending.

Digitizing your procurement process and applying your business controls allows access to the multi-seller marketplace that gives you a broad selection, transparent pricing, and controlled spending. Delight your users with the Amazon experience, and manage your spend with less effort, time, and cost with Vroozi.