Today, we’re launching an exciting new venture at Vroozi: Our Supplier Spotlight Series.

For the first installment, we shine the light on Powertron Global – a company that’s bringing profitable sustainability solutions to the marketplace. Now more than ever, it is crucial for businesses to operate responsibly, which ensures short-term business continuity and risk mitigation as well as long-term resiliency and success.

Who is Powertron Global?

Most climate control equipment fails to run at its designed energy efficiency, resulting in systems consuming 30-50% more power than they were designed to use. Powertron Global changes that with a comprehensive ecosystem dedicated entirely to overcoming operational inefficiencies by quantifying and recapturing wasted spend.

Vroozi Supplier Since: 2015

What Makes Them Different?

Powertron Global identifies efficiency gaps from the top down, including building design, equipment installation, building operators and HVAC services, and uses technology and processes to restore and maintain efficiencies. They go beyond the standard analysis to provide a deeper, more comprehensive approach to finding efficiencies.

How They are Making an Impact?

The amount of energy demand worldwide will double in the next ten years. By decreasing the amount of electricity needed to run HVAC and reducing the supply chain demand of HVAC, Powertron Global is optimizing climate control systems while reducing opex and capex. According to the EPA Calculator, the potential offset of their offering equates to 4.2 trillion miles driven of greenhouse gas or 3.9 billion barrels of oil of CO2.

The Value of Vroozi’s Marketplace

Vroozi’s marketplace enables Powertron Global to earn more business by connecting with qualified buyers. The digital marketplace also makes commerce easier by creating efficiencies around purchases, transaction processing, invoice management and payments. The efficiencies in Vroozi’s marketplace create a win-win for buyer and supplier – enabling both parties to save time and money, while reducing manual, paper-based processing costs.

Stay tuned for our next Supplier Highlight. In the meantime, be sure to check out our article Business Operations from Anywhere to discover the benefits of a digital procurement system.