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According to Deloitte Report, the next digital transformation will happen in Procurement and Supply Chain. 2017 Takeaways | Vroozi

Next in Procurement Software: Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics

Future of Procurement Solutions: Predictive Analytics Better Tools for CPOs Procurement is in a prime position to benefit from Artificial Intelligence because it affects so many areas of the organization - finance, purchasing, supplier relationships, cash flow management, IT, compliance, etc. AI is one of [...]

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Happy Earth Day & US National Parks Week 2018

Procurement Solutions Mean Paperless Vroozi Celebrates Earth Day & National Parks Week Vroozi is dedicated to a paperless work environment. We know that paperless means more efficient business and better use of our Earth’s resources. Earth Day is the perfect way to celebrate these values. [...]

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Vroozi Discovery: The Power of Paperless

Purchasing Software: Connecting and Communicating Paperless Business, Paperless Procurement Software Vroozi Discovery is the newest module by Vroozi that helps companies maintain a paperless work environment. Vroozi Discovery is a directory for remote work teams that connect them to approved suppliers in their area. We [...]

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Procurement Solutions: 5 Ways to Go Paperless

Paperless Business, Paperless Home Better Business Processes from Procurement Software We love paperless purchasing. Paperless purchasing is better not only for business processes, but also for our environment. Here are a few more ways you can choose paperless to take care of our Earth. Move [...]

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Why Procurement is Not Just for Enterprises Anymore

Mid-Market Procurement Solutions Inclusive Procurement Software Historically, procure to pay cycles were quickly associated with large enterprises that could afford multi-million dollar investments in heavy hardware and software. Today, the way businesses of all sizes manage purchasing is totally changing. Here are 3 ways procurement [...]

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How to Prevent Employee Burnout: The Right Resources

Automation for Job Satisfaction Better Resources for Procurement Solutions Sometimes the key to job satisfaction is simply having the right resources to do your job well. Imagine being asked to carry a gallon of water down a street. That’s not a difficult task. But if [...]

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How to Prevent Employee Burnout: Incentives

Rewarding E-Procurement Employees How to Empower Procurement Employees with Incentives Incentives are a valuable way to motivate employees and help them feel valued. When employees begin to feel burned out, leaders can look for specific ways to reward people in a way that shows how [...]

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How to Prevent Employee Burnout: Gratitude

The Power of Thank You How to Empower Procurement Software Employees With the high rates and cost of employee burnout, leaders have a responsibility to monitor, assess, and overcome this issue in their organization. Today’s idea for resolving burnout is incredibly simple, but makes a [...]

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How to Prevent Employee Burnout: Communication

How to Help Overwhelmed Procurement Software Staff How to Improve Business Communication with Procurement Solutions Overwhelmed employees is a major issue for many procurement teams. At Vroozi, we are all about empowering employees and believe the right procurement solution can make all the difference to [...]

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Gartner Predictions for 2018: Cloud, Marketplace & Chatbots

2018 Future of Procurement Solutions What to Expect from Your Procurement System Kicking off the New Year generally has everyone looking to the future- anticipations, goals, and hope for good things to come. In the world of procurement, Gartner recently published some fascinating predictions about [...]

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