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How do B2B Purchasers Make Decisions?

B2B Purchasers & Retail Therapy in the Workplace Emotional Purchasing The link between emotions and purchasing is commonplace in consumer purchasing and trends. Marketers count on it. In the world of business, however, the role of emotions is often overlooked in B2B purchasers. According to [...]

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Procurement Preparation for Q4

How to Spend your Procurement Budget Procurement Preparation for End of Year Spending We are days away from the start of Q4 and procurement leaders around the world face the question of how to manage their end of year budget. Whether you are under or [...]

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Purchasing Technology that Changed How We Shop

Purchasing Technology & How We Shop Today The purchasing technology surrounding consumer and business purchasing rapidly changed over the past few decades. Today these technologies are so integral in how we purchase that we do not always recognize how different our overall purchasing experience is [...]

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3 Benefits of a Custom Online Marketplace

Why Businesses Need a Custom Online Marketplace Your Personal Shopping Oasis Online marketplaces are the department stores of the online world. Users can get everything they need in one place, and that place can be as close as their pocket with mobile technology. Now the [...]

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What Would be in Your Custom Shopping Mall?

Procurement Provides Custom Business Purchasing Procurement Solutions that Meet Your Needs Imagine walking into a shopping mall created custom to everything you love and need most. Each store is tailored exactly to you - clothing that fits you just right, home goods that will look [...]

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The One Stop Marketplace & History of American Malls

Shopping Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow The Best of Shopping, Purchasing, & Procure to Pay Malls are so commonplace across US cities today that it is hard to imagine a time without them. Yet, it was only 1956 when the first shopping mall was opened in [...]

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What’s in a Name? ‘Wal-Mart Stores’ Becomes ‘Walmart’

Online Takes the Lead Walmart is an Online Leader Wal-Mart became one of the world’s largest retailers through their many brick-and-mortar stores. Now, they are one of the leaders in the battle for online retail and want their legal name to reflect that. Though not [...]

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Brick & Mortar vs. Online Shopping: Black Friday 2017

Black Friday Shopping 2017 How Procurement Handles Brick & Mortar Shopping Amidst all the excitement about the growth of online shopping, the growth of shopping in brick and mortar stores sometimes gets neglected. While, it’s true that online purchasing is expecting to grow at a [...]

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e-Commerce: Can Cyber Monday Keep its Traction?

When is the Real Cyber Monday? Cyber Monday and Mobile Shopping With Black Friday and Cyber Monday, why don't you try B2B Purchasing platforms for 30 Days free? Black Friday has arguably become Black November with some ‘Black Friday Comes Early’ sales starting as early [...]

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Walmart and E-Commerce Shopping Trends

Walmart Buys as E-Commerce Dominates Shopping Trends The Reasons behind Walmart's E-Commerce Strategy Walmart’s move to buy the online-only retailer for $3 billion this month is an attempt for the company, known for its big box stores, to compete with Amazon and keep [...]

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