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Mobile Trends: Simple Apps Open Possibility

What Makes Apps User Friendly The Power of Mobile Apps in Procurement With mobile apps being at the forefront now in m-commerce, let’s take a look at the value of apps and what makes them user-friendly. While some B2C companies have mastered simplicity like Google [...]

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4 Steps to Making Your Mobile Home Page Great

Principles for Creating a Great Mobile Home Page Research for the Perfect Mobile Experience Google and AnswerLab conducted research to discover the key factors of a good mobile web site. Through watching hundreds of people interact with mobile websites, they pulled out key characteristics that [...]

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E-Procurement Tipping Point: Can Mobile Take Over Desktop?

Mobile Phones Sometimes Account for More Spending Than Desktop Are you Keeping Up with Shopping Trends? This year we saw some major tipping points in shopping trends. As online shopping grows every year, we also see this growth move into mobile shopping. Mobile shopping has [...]

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World of Mobile: Trends, Fears & How We Purchase

The Effects of M-Commerce Mobile Spending and Business Procurement We live in a mobile world. The majority of people use their smartphone before anything else each day. Needless to say, we are all very plugged in. But it’s not just Facebook, Twitter and e-mail- mobile [...]

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Results Are In

Holiday Purchasing Higher Than Ever Importance of Mobile Procurement Just as Black Friday began long before the traditional Friday after Thanksgiving, so too is Cyber Monday extending long after its date. Even with continuing sales, the statistics are in on 2016’s successful Black Friday and [...]

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Procurement: Remote Work Can Mean Better Work

Procurement and Remote Work for Better Work Empowering Procurement Employees E-Procurement Platform that Empowers Employees Anywhere! The widespread use of smartphones and access to internet has transformed almost everything in our daily lives. This transformation affects not only our personal lives, but also our work [...]

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Instagram and A New Day in Digital Procurement

Instagram and Digital Procurement Instagram Opens Online Shopping Mobile Procurement and Social Media, all-in-one Platform? With the explosion of social media in the last decade, some platforms have struggled to stay alive. Instagram continues to stay in the foreground of social media with continual updates like [...]

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Procure Anywhere, Anytime… on the Go!

Run your business 247 on any device! Mobility is the way to go in 2017 in sales and purchasing. Do you know of any business, that doesn't run 247? It does not exist, as even solo entrepreneurs & CEOs have their business in mind after [...]

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LA Tech Summit 2016, out for Lunch…

LA Tech Summit 2016: Pause! After a Comprehensive Session with Silicon Beach Keynote Speakers... Our executive team has been listening and interacting with entrepreneurs, start-up founders, venture capitalists, Tech Leaders and Influencers. The morning session was all about: Defining Hypergrowth The Kings of Digital Content [...]

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Integration is Key to Investment

Integration: Key to Investment in Mobile Procurement Integrate or Replace your ERP? In a previous post, we discussed why an investment in technology takes more consideration than straightforward return on investment and other tangible factors. Vroozi understands that people are the core of a company [...]

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