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Why Your Business Can’t Survive Without Digital Budgeting

Digital Budgeting in e-Procurement Systems E-procurement provides unprecedented financial solutions for businesses. Procurement was once accessible only to large enterprises, shutting out smaller firms with high costs and lengthy implementations. As technology has progressed, companies like Vroozi are able to provide more accessible cost and [...]

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What Black Friday’s Growth is Hiding in 2018

Procurement Solutions: Room for Improvement on Black Friday Black Friday 2018 was largely a success, exceeding most financial predictions. This year’s Black Friday was the biggest ever with consumers spending $7.9 billion. More shoppers were out than expected, and those who were out were spending. [...]

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5 Benefits of Easy-to-Use Procurement

Procurement Software Made Easy Procurement Solutions Built for Users Traditional procurement and ERP systems are known for their complexity and powerful data abilities. As technology improves, new players, like Vroozi, have entered the market with simpler, easy-to-use solutions that still provide the same powerful features [...]

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Procurement Savings: Invoice Receipt & Processing

How Much Could You Save through Automated Invoice Receipt & Processing? Complex systems like routing invoices, approvals and payments can be a nightmare to orchestrate manually. These processes that are disastrous when not organized can be beautiful when processed smoothly. Ease Your Employees’ Burden The [...]

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