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This is How Top Organizations Detect  P2P Fraud

Faster Procure to Pay Fraud Detection How E-Procurement Detects Fraud The effects of procurement fraud are widespread and can be devastating for companies. While fraud losses worldwide total $7B, the average organization loses about 5% of their revenue annually. Fraud can be very difficult to [...]

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3 Benefits of Remote Work

E-Procurement Software Means You Can Work from Anywhere P2P Software: Work and Health Balance Modern technology allows many industries to employ a remote workforce that provides both the worker and the company with great benefits. Productivity Workers can optimize productivity by limiting distractions in their [...]

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Consumer Purchasing Trends: Maternity & Baby

Consumer Purchasing and Procure to Pay Process Insights from Consumer to Business Procurement Software I am now a little over 8 months pregnant. I am learning to adapt to all things maternity, and will soon be adapting to having a new little family member. Preparing [...]

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Black Friday 2017 Shopping Results & Trends

What is Bigger than Black Friday? This Season’s Shopping Trends Another Black Friday and Cyber Monday ended, but shopping deals and trends to look out for will continue through the whole holiday season. Here are 3 top trends that stood out this season. Spending is [...]

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Supply Chain and Procurement: What is the Difference?

Supply Chain vs. Procurement Understanding Procurement In procurement, businesses and industries place different value on different aspects of procurement benefits. While one business may desperately need paperless procurement, another may be more focused on managing supplier relationships. With so many different solutions out there, the [...]

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Procurement Tips: Easy Access to Repeat Purchases

Create Procurement Favorites Lists How to Make Recurring Purchases Many companies purchase the same products again and again. The amounts may vary with seasonality or other factors, but having access to the same list of purchases is a huge time-saver. Online procurement makes this process [...]

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Spend Matters & Vroozi Collaborate on the Buying Manifesto

Declaration of the New Purchasing: A Buying Manifesto Is Your Company Purchasing Up-to-Date? With procurement technology changing at an increasing rate, companies must be able to keep up with the changes if they want to remain competitive in today’s market. In a rapidly changing market, [...]

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USA: KPMG Recognizes Procurement Progress Today

KPMG’s Americas Procurement Leader Knows Procurement Progression How Does Your Company Harness the Power of US Procurement Technology? As this new year begins, we are not only looking to the future and our goals for 2017, but also recognizing the incredible leaps and bounds we [...]

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Procurement: Are you Using Smart Price Comparison?

How Can Smart Price Comparison Engine Reduce Procurement Costs? Making the Most of Each Procurement Dollar In the world of procurement, each dollar counts. As a consumer, you likely shop around before you make big purchases. Online tools, like PriceCart or PriceBlink, help consumers quickly [...]

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Christmas Holiday Shopping: Christian Garcia, Software Support Warrior

Christmas Wish List with  Christian Garcia Christian is described as a Software Support Warrior Today, we continue our “Christmas Shopping From the Perspective of Vroozi-ites Series.” Meet Christian Garcia, our Software Support Warrior and the wise being behind all Vroozi orders, accounts and forgotten passwords. [...]

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