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In e-Procurement, spend management and spend visibility are vital to any purchasing department. See clear analytics it in action for 2017! | Vroozi

4 Tips to Demonstrate the Value of Procurement

The Dangers of Not Understanding Procurement How to Foster Procurement Learning in Your Company If your boss does not understand your procurement position, they likely do not place much value on it either. While procurement is a major contributing factor to a company’s financial health, [...]

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Quiz: Do You Know Finance Better than Teens Do?

Teens between 15 – 18 average 61.24% on this Personal Finance Test How Well Do You Know Personal Finance? With the economic turmoil we experienced over the last few years, personal finance principles are more important than ever. According to a Federal Reserve report, about 50% [...]

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Aligning Procurement and Finance Tech Goals

Procurement & Finance Optimized Spend Management and High-Performance Technology must live with finance and e-procurement Although it is logical that finance and procurement operations are closely connected, many organizations encounter problems when the two departments are not aligned. Finance can often place unreasonable expectations on procurement [...]

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Government Procurement: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

How Some Governments Suffer From Untracked Spending When Spend Management is vital... Procurement Leaders Insights The Bad This year researchers reported the British government wasted “billions of pounds on procurement.” Of the 17 government departments, none could provide authoritative answers on department spend. Reports in spending [...]

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