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How to manage a supplier relationship? In purchasing, a long-lasting relationship with your suppliers will help you save money. | Vroozi

The Fascinating Effects of Shifting Demand in Supply Chain

E-Procurement: How Cobalt Demand May Triple by 2030 Supply and Demand in Practice and Procurement Solutions Procurement experts and purchasers are always keeping a close eye on market shifts that will ultimately affect their prices and bottom line. Making predictions about changing prices is not [...]

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Chief Procurement Officer (CPO): Role and Requirements

Celebrating Procurement Professionals Understanding Procurement Roles Every Chief Procurement Officer and procurement professional will face challenges specific to their company and industry, but today we will look at the basics responsibilities of a CPO. Ultimately, the CPO is responsible for managing the company’s spend, leading [...]

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Procurement: After Spend… Supplier Management!

Procurement: After Spend Management... Supplier Management Measuring Spend... and Supplier Management ROI The Right Suppliers Mean Big Savings A major factor in procurement savings is having the right suppliers. A supplier that fits your needs means big savings in the long-run. Supplier Management and Spend [...]

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Diversify Your Suppliers, Broaden Your Opportunities

Why diversify your suppliers? Supplier Diversity is key to growth! Supplier diversity is arguably procurement's richest source of unrealized potential and innovation. A report by the Hackett Group revealed companies that participated in long-term supplier diversity programs generated 133% greater return on investments than typical [...]

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Procurement Negotiations : Like a Presidential Debate?

Procurement Negotiations like a Presidential Debate? At the heart of Supplier Relationship Management Presidential Candidates and Suppliers have Similarities... Procurement & American Elections! With the 2016 American election in full swing, shots are being fired, arguments are being waged and candidate debates feel like they are [...]

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