How Technology impact Procurement in 2017? The 5 main challenges for smoother e-procurement and supply chain! | Vroozi

2017 Prediction: Technology to Disrupt E-Procurement and Invoice-to-Pay

2017 Procurement: Better Technology The Future of E-Procurement The forecast for procurement in 2017 shows better technology and falling behind for those that do not adapt. In the past, growing companies progressed from manual Excel solutions to procurement software. Now everyone is looking to progress [...]

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Procurement in History: Learning to Face Modern Challenges

Procurement Technology Throughout Time Procurement Help To best understand the world we live in today, we often look to history. The same is true for procurement. Understanding the roots of procurement will help us to understand the challenges we face today. Ancient Procurement The earliest [...]

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Hyperloop One: The Future of Transportation?

Hyperloop One: American Innovation USA Procurement and Transportation in 2017 Hyperloop One is pioneering the technology for high-speed transport of goods and people. “Hyperloop is a new way to move people and things at airline speeds for the price of a bus ticket. It's on-demand, [...]

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E-commerce: Alibaba’s Plan to Create 1M US Jobs

Future of US Procurement & World Procurement US Supply Chain & Procurement President-elect Donald Trump and Alibaba’s founder, Jack Ma, met this week to discuss the potential for creating one million US jobs by allowing American businesses to sell to China through the Alibaba platform. [...]

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A Christmas Wish List: Casey Roeder, Marketing Analyst

Christmas Wish List with Casey Roeder... E-commerce above all! Today, we continue our “Christmas Shopping From the Perspective of Vroozi-ites Series.” After Ivy and Steve, let's meet Casey Roeder, our Marketing Analyst and AdWords Guru. This Christmas, he has one particular person to gift in [...]

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Christmas Wish List: Ivy Montgomery, Director of Marketing

Ivy Montgomery Wish List Holiday Shopping for Your Favorite Co-Worker Today, as a continuation of our Vroozi spotlight Christmas shopping series, we have Ivy Montgomery, Vroozi’s VP of Marketing. Ivy is a Communications savvy spitfire who splits her time between the LA office and our [...]

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How to Protect Yourself from IoT Security Threats

Internet of Things Risk Concerns Safety Online and Procurement Protection The Internet of Things is quickly growing, but many are apprehensive and question IoT security. Half of consumers say they have not purchased an IoT device because of their security concerns. Executive Director of NCSA, [...]

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Vroozi Holiday Wish Lists: Steve Olds, CEO

Steve Olds, Vroozi CEO, Christmas Wish List Enjoying the Holidays with Vroozi   This year we wanted to spotlight the Vroozi team and ask them for their Holiday Wish List. Today we have Steve Olds, Vroozi CEO. Steve Olds is passionate about using the latest [...]

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Instagram’s New Live Video and Procurement Visibility

Instagram Live Video Procurement Live Insights Instagram’s new live video feature starts today for some users. Instagram’s twist on the live video feed is that your audience can only view it once and then it is gone forever. This live video feature differs from Facebook [...]

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Snapchat Spectacles: Cool Technology at a Price!

Snapchat Spectacles Cost Six Times their Price Tag Accessibility for Your Business A new wave in e-Commerce?! One of this year’s most talked about new tech gadgets is Snapchat Spectacles. Spectacles are glasses with a built-in camera that pairs with your phone and feeds into [...]

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