How Technology impact Procurement in 2017? The 5 main challenges for smoother e-procurement and supply chain! | Vroozi

3 Technologies for Better Business Travel

P2P Tech On-the-Go Business Travelers Use Mobile Tech & Procurement With today’s technology, you can do nearly everything from your mobile device. Business travel can be exhausting, but mobile technology can ease the burden of travel by streamlining and simplifying what you need to get [...]

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3 Tips for Communicating with Remote Teams

Communication Key for Remote Workers in Procurement How Remote Teams Can Be Successful In personal and business relationships alike, communication is key. While remote work offers many benefits to workers and companies alike, it also can provide a barrier to communication. Here are 3 tips [...]

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Top Vroozi Procurement Tweets of 2017

Procurement on Social Media Best of Vroozi We love connecting with you through social media! Here are some of our top tweets from 2017. Follow along on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Did you catch last week's Vroozi posts? Mobile Drives Digital Sales on Black Friday [...]

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How to Detect & Manage Corporate Fraud

Fighting Fraud through Electronic Invoicing Protecting Your Business with Procurement The introduction of electronic invoicing is helping many businesses detect corporate fraud. In Europe, e-invoicing is becoming the standard requirement by governments to prevent fraud before it becomes a problem. Corporate fraud has hurt businesses [...]

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Black Friday Shopping Trends: Mobile Shopping

Mobile Shopping Trends Keeping Up with Shoppers' Demands Register for a Live Procurement Demo today. The way we shop is changing quickly. Black Friday trends and predictions paint a picture that would have been unrecognizable even a decade ago. A new study found that four [...]

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What Can Your Spend Analytics Tell You?

How to Use Spend Data to Improve Spending Recent Analytics Reveal Interest Spending and Procurement Patterns Register for a Demo Today. Spend analytics are only as valuable as real results and actions they provide. Vroozi works to make sure we get our clients the right [...]

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IBM Maximo & Vroozi: Better Together

Integrations  that Enhance Procurement Powerful IBM Maximo Solution When you are looking for new technology, you don’t want to lose the power and value of your old technology. Vroozi’s integration power is focused on not only integrating seamlessly, but also supercharging the power of existing [...]

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5 Ways E-Procurement Beats Traditional Procurement

Technology that Changed Procurement for the Better How to Get the Most from Your Procurement Solution E-procurement continues to evolve over time and to improve the procurement experience. More and more businesses are finding this value of procurement tech for themselves. So, today [...]

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What Can Procurement Do to Close the Gender Gap?

Gender Diversity Issues in Procurement & Technology e-Procurement's Role in Gender Diversity A recent memo by a former Google employee has made gender diversity a hot topic in the news. Recently, a Google employee sent out a memo claiming that biological differences play a role [...]

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What’s Next in Supply Chain? Artificial Intelligence & “Hyper-Personalization”

New Procurement and Customization What Artificial Intelligence Means for the Future of Supply Chain At Vroozi, we maintain customization as one of our most important features. One solution does not fit all. Today, we are seeing this personalization and customization rapidly increasing everywhere in supply [...]

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