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Procurement Management Suite: Content First!

Procurement Suite: How about Content Management? The soul of Procurement is the Catalog Management As explained in previous blog posts, any procurement platform handles content in an online catalog. Purchasing and Procurement Professionals know how vital a smart, intuitive and seamless catalog is to suppliers. [...]

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Catalog Feature: Availability Check

Catalog, Soul of Procurement: Availability Check More than a marketplace, a stunning online catalog! This month we are exploring the 15 reasons the catalog is the soul of procurement. If you’ve ever been standing in front of the flour at the grocery store and wondered [...]

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Online Shopping: Recommendations

Catalog is the Soul of e-Procurement Online shopping: Catalog Recommendations... ...based on your Browsing and Purchasing History   We are exploring the 15 reasons the catalog is the soul of procurement. Read the full list here >> Perhaps one of the best features of online shopping [...]

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