3 Tips to Overcome Inflation and Achieve Financial Resilience

Vroozi shows you how to achieve financial resilience and control costs in 2022.

Financial resilience has never felt more out of reach. Inflation hit a new four-decade high in February and cost pressures and shortages continue to mount. How can you navigate inflation and cost pressure and still achieve financial resilience and cost control? The answer lies with automation and digitization. Procurement teams must embrace modern technology and […]

No Purchase Order? No Problem.

Vroozi's latest innovation in artificial intelligence makes it easy to complete the business purchase process even with non-PO invoices.

It’s 2022 – yet businesses are still relying on manual invoice processing. A seemingly endless cycle of data entry, matching invoice lines to purchase orders and scanning enough documents to cause carpal tunnel. And as if the subsequent headaches weren’t enough, the time, money and risk could have your business’ success hanging in the balance. […]

5 Tangible Steps to Elevate Your AP Operations

Vroozi's newest report highlights 5 Ways to Elevate your AP Operations

Download the full report on 5 Ways to Elevate AP Operations. Operational efficiency is the king of finance operations. At least, according to Deloitte. The past two years have been chaotic at the very least. Between ongoing labor, inflation and supply chain challenges, the pressure facing AP teams is mounting. Help your organization scale efficiently […]

Why Customers Love Vroozi

Vroozi customers love using the procure to pay automation platfrom.

Without you – our loyal customers – Vroozi would not be where it is today. Your success is our success. We take a lot of pride in helping our customers reach their goals, and they push us to be greater than we were before. This blog is a big shoutout to all of our awesome […]

Q&A: What Finance and Procurement Professionals Can Expect in 2022

Vroozi's 2022 procurement predictions include operational efficiency, the switch to automation and more.

What’s in store for procurement and finance teams in 2022? We sat down with Chief Strategy Officer Shaz Khan and Sr. Director of Product Marketing Mike Jud to look ahead to the New Year. Q. What are procurement’s top priorities for 2022? Shaz Khan: “In 2021, operational efficiency dethroned cost savings as the #1 priority […]

How to Use AI and Machine Learning for Smarter Fraud Detection

Vroozi highlights how to use AI and machine learning for smarter fraud detection

PwC’s latest Global Economic Crime and Fraud survey uncovered 56% of respondents experienced fraud in the last two years – the greatest number ever recorded. The increase in procurement fraud is especially concerning, accounting for a fifth of all reported fraud incidents. Companies have the potential to lose thousands or millions of dollars annually to […]

How to Make Business Buying with SAP Easier

SAP Business Buying made simple with Vroozi.

Forcing your employees to buy through SAP is problematic. The system is hard to use, complex and requires extensive training. That’s a major problem for procurement leaders, as the usability of purchasing systems directly correlates to adoption, compliance and spend under management. Procurement leaders want to make life easier for their team. Unfortunately, ripping and […]

10 Accounts Payable Invoice Automation Benefits: Part Two

Accounts payable invoice automation benefits made simple with Vroozi.

Part one of this blog (10 APIA Benefits: Part One) discussed the following five benefits of accounts payable invoice automation (APIA):  APIA Eliminates Non-PO Invoice Pain APIA Doubles Accounts Payable Productivity and Speeds Cycle Times APIA Equips you to Scale Faster APIA Makes Closing the Books Faster and Easier APIA Reduces Fraud With APIA spending […]

10 Accounts Payable Invoice Automation Benefits: Part One

Accounts Payable Invoice Automation Benefits by Vroozi

Accounts payable invoice automation (APIA) takes basic invoice management and AP operations to the next level. The main difference: APIA technology doesn’t simply automate — it’s smart, intelligent and capable of learning over time. The result is better financial outcomes, simpler processes, increased control and hyper-efficiency. Now, demand for APIA is rising. Gartner reports APIA […]

Procurement Leaders: 4 Ways to Make Your Life Easier

Procurement leaders should be improving the lives of their employees.

Many organizations remain saddled by technologies, processes and workloads that create pain. Consider the life of a typical procurement and finance professional today. These professionals are: Doing the job of more than one employee Working late and on the weekends Wasting time with data entry and processing Using purchasing and AP systems that are complex […]