The Work From Anywhere and Everywhere Era Requires Procure-to-Pay Digitization

Digital transformation: It’s a question of “how”, not “if”.  While most mid-market organizations survived the sudden shift to remote work, the “work from anywhere, work from everywhere” era is here to stay. In fact, a recent Gartner CFO survey revealed 74% plan to permanently shift employees to remote work after the Covid-19 crisis ends. This represents a massive shift that goes beyond “survival” mode.   Procurement, […]

Infographic: The Power of Digital Procure-to-Pay

Digitizing purchasing, invoices and payments improves performance, increases operational efficiency and boosts profitability.  For more information on how digital procure-to-pay can benefit your organization, request a quick demo. 

Digitize and Save: 3 Cost Control Strategies for 2021

Executives are looking to procurement and finance teams to play a key role in increasing financial resiliency. This requires an increased focus on cost control and business spend management. How can AP and procurement leaders make an immediate impact? The first step, especially in a world where remote work is the “new normal,” is going […]

The Top Procure-to-Pay Technology Trends in 2021

Capgemini recently evaluated the newest and most critical functionalities offered by today’s procure-to-pay solution providers in their 2020-2021 Digital Procurement Research Report. The research looks at the key trends that are influencing technology innovation. Among the solution providers evaluated was – you guessed it – Vroozi.  In this blog we’ll offer our take on Capgemini’s […]

What Employees Want from their Procure-to-Pay Solution in 2021

In 2020, we experienced a rapid workforce transformation, with employees everywhere trading in their physical workplaces for virtual offices. With this massive change, employees’ workstyles – along with their day-to-day wants and needs – shifted dramatically. With this year finally coming to an end, it is time for procurement and AP leaders to sit down […]

Connecting in the Cloud is Critical to Procure to Pay Success

Integration. One word, plenty of power, especially when it comes to procurement and financial business operations. Over the past decade, we’ve seen explosive growth in the availability of business applications and extensions, especially when it comes to procure-to-pay processes. Just like the consumer world, in procurement and finance, if you have a need, there’s an […]

Re-Think Vendor Invoice Management: Digitize with eInvoices

Too many procurement and AP teams are drowning in paper. The typical mid-market business works with hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of vendors at a time. The result is an endless sea of paper-based purchase orders, invoices, transaction documents and payment confirmations that need to be managed and tracked every single day. This dynamic creates three […]

What Tops the CPO’s Agenda in a Covid-19 World?

The Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) agenda looks drastically different today than it did last year – and for good reason.  Procurement’s top priorities in 2019, according to Deloitte’s Global Chief Procurement Officer survey, were meeting rising customer expectations, advancing technology and finding top talent – all of which are very aligned with a growing and disruptive […]

5 Signs You Need Procure-to-Pay Automation

Here are five signs that your business would reap immediate benefits from automating and digitizing the procure-to-pay process. 1. You spend a lot of time finding and buying the goods and services you need to run your business. Every time you need to purchase supplies you start a fresh search on Google or Amazon. You spend a […]

Procurement’s Path: Four Key Areas of Transformation

Priorities in the procurement function constantly evolve. Over the past two decades procurement has slowly transformed from a back-office function to a strategic, value-creating business unit. And now – in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, procurement leaders are needed more than ever to identify savings, create efficiencies, and make a bottom-line impact. In a […]