10 Accounts Payable Invoice Automation Benefits: Part Two

Accounts payable invoice automation benefits made simple with Vroozi.

Part one of this blog (10 APIA Benefits: Part One) discussed the following five benefits of accounts payable invoice automation (APIA):  APIA Eliminates Non-PO Invoice Pain APIA Doubles Accounts Payable Productivity and Speeds Cycle Times APIA Equips you to Scale Faster APIA Makes Closing the Books Faster and Easier APIA Reduces Fraud With APIA spending […]

10 Accounts Payable Invoice Automation Benefits: Part One

APIA Benefits by Vroozi

Accounts payable invoice automation (APIA) takes basic invoice management and AP operations to the next level. The main difference: APIA technology doesn’t simply automate — it’s smart, intelligent and capable of learning over time. The result is better financial outcomes, simpler processes, increased control and hyper-efficiency. Now, demand for APIA is rising. Gartner reports APIA […]

Procurement Leaders: 4 Ways to Make Your Life Easier

Procurement leaders should be improving the lives of their employees.

Many organizations remain saddled by technologies, processes and workloads that create pain. Consider the life of a typical procurement and finance professional today. These professionals are: Doing the job of more than one employee Working late and on the weekends Wasting time with data entry and processing Using purchasing and AP systems that are complex […]

6 Characteristics of Modern, High-Performing Finance and AP Teams

High-performing finance and AP teams have a lot in common. At the highest level, they embrace a digital and modern mindset that focuses on simplicity, visibility, automation and results.   What does this look like, specifically? We broke down the six key characteristics below. Today’s modern and high-performing finance teams: Embrace automation. They recognize that […]

Three-Way Match: Everything You Need to Know and More

What is three-way matching in accounts payable?

Three-way match is not new or revolutionary in accounts payable, but make no mistake, it is crucial to the process. Automated three-way matching increases accuracy, helps protect against fraudulent invoices and overpayments, and streamlines procurement and AP efficiency.  Q. What is Three-Way Match in Accounts Payable? A. When AP can match invoices to purchase orders […]

Vroozi Webinar: Debunking the Buzz: Talking Procurement Agility and Digital with Jason Busch

Digital and Agility in Procurement

https://youtu.be/tDIQAcH8jXU Watch as Vroozi sits down with Azul Partners Founder Jason Busch to Debunk the Buzz on Procurement Agility and Digital. You will learn: What going “digital” and becoming more “agile” means at each step in the procurement maturity curve. An inside look at Deloitte’s new CPO survey and the key takeaways for the mid-market. […]

New Deloitte Research: Digital and Agility are Key to Procurement Success

Digital and Agility in Procurement

Deloitte’s new CPO survey reveals that driving operational efficiency, reducing costs and digitization are procurement’s top priorities this year. And guess what? Vroozi can help you achieve every single one. Let’s dive into the findings. Driving Operational Efficiency  Operational efficiency tops procurement’s agenda in 2021. Amazingly, “driving operational efficiency” knocked off “reducing costs” as procurement’s […]

How Mid-Market Businesses Can Leverage Spend Analytics as a Competitive Weapon

Many mid-market businesses fail to see spend management for what it truly is: a competitive weapon for driving growth, profitability and financial control. Today’s procurement and accounts payable processes create a wealth of data. That data can be captured, analyzed and used to improve financial outcomes. Or it can sit in disparate systems and filing […]

Rethinking Business Payments: How to Increase Savings and Control with Digitization

Digitize business payments

The majority of people pay their bills online. So why are organizations still relying on paper checks to complete business payments?  Manual and paper-based business payment are always inefficient and costly. But they are especially painful today. With most organizations still operating remotely or in a hybrid environment, who has time to make a trip […]

G2 Names Vroozi a Spring 2021 High Performer for Procure-to-Pay

Big news from team Vroozi: We have been recognized by G2, a top software review site, as a Procure-to-Pay High Performer for Spring 2021. We were selected for our excellent user-experience, strong results and high customer satisfaction ratings. Vroozi currently has a G2 rating of 9.2 for “ease of use” and 9.0 for “quality of […]