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New in 2019: Ask Shaz

Procurement Insight & Inspiration from Shaz Khan, Procurement Enthusiast If you asked an average office employee what the most exciting department is in their company, you may be hard-pressed to find someone (anyone?) that would confidently exclaim, “Procurement!” That is, unless you were talking to [...]

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Team Vroozi Spotlight: Gratitude

For purchasing software employees, this time of year is an exciting time to look at the new trends around consumer purchasing during the purchasing holidays. More importantly, though, is the time we take to reflect on the things we are grateful for. For Vroozi as [...]

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The Power of Empowerment

Procurement Software for Employee Empowerment Better Procurement Solutions for a Successful Workplace Empowering employees is a key part of the Vroozi experience. We believe making better e-procurement software improves business and improves the work experience of the workers that make each company great. Better Work [...]

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Vroozi Hands On in Houston

The destruction from Hurricane Harvey and subsequent related issues have caused devastating circumstances for many in Houston. A member of our own Vroozi family is in Houston and we are all relieved to know that he and his family are safe. Today, he was able [...]

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