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How Mobile Tech Will Improve Remote Work

The Future of a Mobile Workforce Ninety-five percent of Americans have a cell phone of some kind, according to Pew Research. For reference, there is a higher percentage of people that believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows than the percentage of people who do [...]

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Protect the Earth: Mobile Procurement, Paperless Purchasing, & Saving the World

How Can Your Mobile Device Protect the Earth? Procurement Technology and Sustainability Procurement Software means more than efficiency and streamlined purchasing at Vroozi. Going paperless to protect the Earth’s natural resources is an important benefit in the world of procurement. Efficient, powerful mobile procurement technology [...]

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Future of Mobile: Technology (Part IV)

E-Procurement: Mobile Technology Future of Mobile & Procurement Solutions The rate at which mobile technology is changing industries is unprecedented. Mobile provides connectivity in technology that was only dreamed of in the past. Here are some of the most interesting new tech advances in mobile [...]

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Future of Mobile: Retail Shopping (Part III)

Purchasing Software: Mobile Retail Shopping Purchasing and Procurement Solutions on Your Smartphone The mobile consumer shopping experience is a topic we are already very familiar with on the Vroozi Blog. Consumer trends and insights are a guide in how business purchasing trends follow. At Vroozi, [...]

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Future of Mobile: Education (Part II)

Higher Education on Your Smartphone The Power of Mobile Education with Procurement Solutions Next up in our series on how mobile is changing different industries: Education. In the US, education has often progressed only as quickly (or slowly) as government or private investors are willing [...]

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Mobile Tools Top Treasurer’s Holiday Wish List

Treasurers Look to Adopt Mobile Technology in 2018 Mobile Purchasing and Procurement for Better Business Treasurers are looking for new tools, especially mobile solutions, according to a recent survey published by Capital One. Researches found that two-thirds of treasurers are looking to implement mobile banking [...]

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Surprising Trends this Shopping Season

Mobile Purchasing and Procurement Trends Black November Shopping Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, but deals will definitely continue throughout the holiday season. The trends and outcomes from this year’s November shopping holidays are very telling for what we can expect in overall purchasing [...]

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4 Steps to Making Your Mobile Home Page Great

Principles for Creating a Great Mobile Home Page Research by Procurement Solutions for the Perfect Mobile Experience Google and AnswerLab conducted research to discover the key factors of a good mobile web site. Through watching hundreds of people interact with mobile websites, they pulled out [...]

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