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Most Read – July 2016

What Procurement People read... Here is the list of our Most Read Blog Posts for July 2016 5. Procurement Tomorrow 4. Purchasing vs. Procurement: What’s the Difference? 3. Big Data vs Good Data 1/3 2. Not a Catalog, a Marketplace! 1. Deloitte Report : Procurement to Join the Digital [...]

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Purchasing Department: Revolution

How the Purchasing Department evolved... The Purchasing Department is also going through a Digital Transformation, called Procurement! Procurement has existed, though not by that name, since the time of the Egyptian pyramids. The scribes who tracked materials and supply on papyrus rolls were instrumental in [...]

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Gain Extraordinary Results

Pros and Cons of New Technology Is new technology a winner or money saver? Both! Using the functionality of state-of-the-art technology also helps cut costs in most areas of business by creating better efficiencies. With more effective processes and a more comprehensive view of company [...]

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Mobile Apps: Key to Business Growth

Mobile Apps enable Business Growth! Are you ready for Business Growth? As explained in yesterday's post, Go Mobile, Go Digital & Grow your Business Small businesses also use mobile technology to think about where their customers are. With 90% of companies increasing their investment in mobile apps [...]

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3 Trends in Procurement Digital Transformation

Procurement in the midst of Digital Transformation 3 Procurement Trends to Discover... from Silicon Beach! Mobile Procurement Evaluation Guide >> P.O. Captured in One Place Typically, a purchase order would live many lives in many forms through many interdepartmental journeys. With a mobile procurement platform, a [...]

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How to Attract Talented Millennials

Attracting Millennials to... Procurement Millennials are now the largest demographic in the United States, outnumbering Baby Boomers by nearly one million. Those born between 1980–1999 are entering the workforce at such rapid rates, companies need to adapt to their needs. Companies are realizing that appealing [...]

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Crowdsourced Procurement : Definition

Pros and Cons of Crowdsourced Procurement Budgets, Spend Management and Collaboration are Key to Procurement Crowdsourced Procurement follows principles and business models of the Share Economy. The other form of crowdsourced procurement is to turn to the people who the procurement affects to decide the plan [...]

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Crowdsourced Funding Vs Procurement

What is Crowdsourced Procurement? We’ve all heard of crowdsourced funding. In fact, we’ve all probably given a dollar or two to a cause we cared about on sites like GoFundMe or Kickstarter. But how does crowdsourcing apply to other industries, specifically procurement? Experts are suggesting that [...]

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