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How the Consumer Buying Process is Evolving

Consumer Purchasing Decisions Consumer Procurement Systems Happy November! In the States, November represents the month of gratitude and (maybe conversely) the month of binge spending on Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and the slew of purchasing holidays that lead up to Christmas. As technology evolves, the [...]

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Predictions for 2018 Holiday Shopping Season

Mobile Purchasing, Online Shopping Q4 is upon us, which means holidays, holiday shopping, and shopping analytics that we can’t get enough of. Each year at Vroozi procurement solutions we watch the trends associated with end-of-year shopping. This year, we anticipate the pendulum will keep moving [...]

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How to Improve Quality with E-Procurement

Improve Quality with E-Procurement Why Procurement Means Better Quality This week, we looked at How to Save Money with E-Procurement, but improving quality can be even more important to the success of a purchasing organization. Quality is the backbone of the product or service you [...]

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Why Empowering Employees Matters

Empowering Employees Matters: The Value of Powerful Teams Empowering Teams Here at Vroozi, we talk a lot about empowering employees because we know firsthand what a difference it makes to work with an empowered, and therefore powerful, team. The Vroozi Procurement Software Team has accomplished [...]

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